View Full Version : Jonathon Prince Shoot

Corey Jenkins
April 10th, 2010, 08:57 AM
About a month ago I got an email asking if I could shoot some pictures of a runner. I was pretty excited about the email, this is the kind of work I like to do so it was great!

I started thinking of where to do the shoot and what they would be looking for. They wanted some shots for their sponsors to use and some photos to promote Jonathon who is running from California to washing d.c. More info about him in this video, its pretty cool http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A65PenbLwMo

I kind of wish I could of shot at a few different locations but I think we still got some useful stuff. The client didn't really tell me what they wanted, just running action shots haha which could be taken in a lot of different settings.

The shoot went great, unfortunately neither one of my assistants was able to make it. I guess 10:00 AM is to early for most high schoolers and neither one had their phone on. ( I told them about it the day before and they said they would be able to make it) So fortunately my dad said he would help move lights and stuff. He actually enjoyed talking to every one there and it turned out great.

I know I've been doing a lot of charity type work lately, which eventually I'll start cutting down on. The clients who have been giving me this kind of work wouldn't of paid for an actual shoot with a professional so I don't feel as bad knowing that I'm not undercutting any one else.

Here are a few of the shots, as always let me know what could be improved!






About halfway through the shoot they asked if we could get a shot of Jonathon running along a road. They didnt have much time so I told them I would composite in a background for them. The composite isnt perfect, but I think it was what they were looking for.

Same thing but cropped, I like this one more.