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    Default All the easy....

    You guys have all the easy models!

    I sit and watch the videos, and rewatch the videos, and then I look at my clients.... Yikes a lot more problem areas then a professional model, and they all want perfection, a tuck here, a tuck there.....clean up these lines. I know I will get faster with time..... But i spent about 7 hours on 5 pictures last night. It was brutal.

    But they look a hell of a lot better then they did when I used the old amateur way of editing ... You know with layer masks and clarity or blurring.

    Thanks Nick

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    I wonder if you can show? Just curious of what you did!?

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    Hey Shadow,

    I know I've got some cute girls on there, but I promise the concepts are still the same. I just figured it would be more fun to learn while looking at pretty models. If you look at Levels 4, 5, 6, and 7 in particular, you can transfer the knowledge of adjusting nose shape (Level 7 - East Indian features), removing body fat (Level 5 - Main Retouch), correcting crooked teeth or mishapen smiles (Level 4 - Main Retouch) and extreme close-ups (Level 6 - ECU) to models or subjects of any particular look.

    I agree with Oncemore, go ahead and post some samples and I'll be happy to give some advice. But you get much respect for following through. I promise you're retouch time will decrease dramatically once the techniques become second-nature.

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    Default Thanks

    Thank you .. I know that the system works on everyone, but it just takes longer for me. I suspect I will get faster and better with practice. I have your lessons on my iPad and watch it all the time...over and over.... I feel like we are old friends Nick!
    I will have to figure out how to insert a picture in a forum to show you my progress. I have a very very demanding client who expects perfection in the models, despite some of them being far from perfect.


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